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    ”In the wild lives a child, she lives all alone.
    She is the last of her kind and the earth is her home.
    Other children lived there once, but they were all taken away.
    Made to stop and sit still, made to behave and to stay.
    But one child in the wild is still free to be,
    never tamed and held back, she is happy and free.”

    From ”The wild child” by Jeanne Willis

    Green boy

    That time Johannes found my watercolors and painted himself green.LRWeb800-1000-3 LRWeb800-1000-2 LRWeb800-1000

    Who will comfort Toffle

    ”And though he’s very frightened, Toffle knows he must be brave
    There is a frightened Miffle that he simply has to save.
    He dives inside the nearest hole as Groke begins to shriek
    But makes himself climb out again ”How can I be so weak?”
    He stamps an angry foot. At last, rage has replaced his fear.
    Scared Miffles need brave Toffles when the frightful Grokes appear.”


    From Who will comfort Toffle by Tove Jansson

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