Flowers has always been a part of me. As a child I used to pick tiny bouquets whenever I had the chance. I grew up right by the forest and the beach, a couple of minutes walk to either. As the wild child I were, I used to spend most of my time there, by the wild roses and sea thrift at the beach, the wood anemones and wood sorrel in the forest, and then all the other wildflowers I’d find by the roads and paths. Sometimes I’d meet my best friend half way through the forest, but most of the time I would be by myself, exploring, playing and picking all those wildflowers.

This were at the core of things when drawing and designing this wrap with Yvonne at Swedish baby wrap brand Sjala. Those whimsical wild and free flowers, that run free and can grow and thrive under harsh circumstances, but still so delicate. The strength and the fragility.

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